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Proline 300/500 - Simply clever and fit for the future!

New standards in process measurement technology

The new Proline 300/500 is setting new standards in process instrumentation. With groundbreaking, technical innovations and an industry-optimized device design, the new Proline 300/500 enables a maximum range of application and excellent measuring performance.


  • Broad range of applications

  • Excellent characteristics

Broad range of application

In combination with the widest range of sensor equipment, the Proline 300/500 offers ideal solutions for all flow metering tasks. Ultrasonic and thermal sensors will soon be included, in addition to Coriolis and electromagnetic measurement technology. The Proline 300/500 makes it possible to configure system and work processes more efficiently, thereby reducing costs.

Excellent characteristics

The new ISEM (intelligent sensor module) guarantees fault-free, digital signal measurement directly at the point of signal generation on the sensor. In addition to the actual measuring signal, many other diagnostic and status parameters are made available in real time. The fully digital electronics unit ensures zero drift and maximum immunity to environmental influences. The modular electronics system architecture guarantees optimal life cycles of > 20 years due to the ease with which future communication standards and additional functionality can be integrated.


For the first time, the Proline 300/500 features an integrated WLAN and web server for easy operation and availability of additional process and device information. Read more about the top features of the new Proline 300/500:

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