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Proline device concept
cost-effective flow measurement

The only uniform and proven measuring device concept for all five modern flow technologies

Automation engineering is facing ever increasing demands in the process industry. The objective is to operate ever more powerful and flexible systems, encompassing the entire range of measurement technology applications, at the lowest possible cost.

Proline device concept ©Endress+Hauser

Consistency is the key factor when it comes to meeting this challenge.A consistent device concept guarantees reliability in the application, as well as cost- and time-savings. As a complete provider of automation technology, Endress+Hauser uses its Proline concept to apply these requirements consistently to all stages of the life-cycle.

Solutions and benefits


The clever device concept encompasses the Promass, Promag, Prosonic Flow, Prowirl and Proline t-mass device families.

Endress+Hauser is currently the only manufacturer to have a uniform device philosophy for all of the five key flow measurement procedures. With Endress+Hauser, you can unlock significant savings potential across the entire life cycle of a device.


  • Modular device concept with a device selection offering an optimized price-performance ratio

  • Wide range of products that fully comply with the specific industry requirements

  • Wide range of products for a wide variety of applications. Uniform and consistent device concept, also for spare parts and components.

  • Maximum measurement quality thanks to a global and accredited calibration concept

  • Fieldcheck for easy simulation and verification of measuring devices without having to remove them