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Truck loading - safety solved through trusted partnership

Endress+Hauser provides global chemical and plastics distributor with “total turnkey solution”

For Nexeo, traditional methods of managing a project meant contracting several different providers in order to get a job done. Not only was this highly inefficient, this was also proving to be an issue with after-installation support, resulting in inconsistent programming updates. As part of a 2-year Health, Safety, Security and the Environment initiative, Nexeo required an accurate, consistent and repeatable truck loading automation solution that could easily be implemented across 26 sites.

Nexeo solutions truck loading

The results

  • One single point of contact for all project management needs

  • Increased safety of personnel

  • Increased productivity and efficiency

  • Faster time to market

  • Improved product quality resulting in satisfied customers

supply chain management

Doing business with Endress+Hauser is truly a win-win. This allowed us to load trucks more quickly while ensuring the safety of our personnel resulting in faster time to market and efficiency gains.

Nexeo Solutions

Customer challenge

To ensure safe loading of hazardous and expensive products, Nexeo first required accurate and reliable process measurements (flow and level) but also a correctly designed and implemented control system ensuring safe and timely loading of raw goods. Nexeo also needed a solution that could decrease truck loading times while guaranteeing product quality. Implementing this type of initiative across 26 sites was an immense task, therefore streamlining their project management process was necessary.

Our solution

  • Complete project management including General Contractor role

  • Embedded on-site engineering

  • Start-up services and training

  • Around-the-clock support and troubleshooting

  • Truck overspill protection (high level instrumentation)

  • Safe truck mass flow metering skids

  • Overall network engineering

  • Rockwell Automation Allen Bradly® CompactLogixTM control system and panel view

  • Facility wide emergency stop

  • Integrated scale, pump, grounding and bonding

  • Truck rack air ventilation system

  • VPN remote service support

Partnership provides Nexeo with complete project management

Endress+Hauser project managers and engineers managed the entire project, serving as the
General Contractor role and single point of contact. Instead of Nexeo having to hire a Project Manager on their own to manage the job which would have taken time and money, Endress+Hauser stepped in and supported the entire lifecycle and all key components of the project.

Embedded engineering resources

By embedding the necessary Endress+Hauser engineering resources on-site, Nexeo was able to substantially:

  • Reduce project overhead costs

  • Speed up the project timeline resulting in faster time to market

  • Mitigate risks

  • Increase efficiencies by quickly responding to day-to-day hurdles and adapting to change

Safe truck loading

To ensure best practices for safe loading of expensive, flammable liquids into trucks, Endress+Hauser incorporated safe truck mass flow metering skids and truck overspill protection into Nexeo's loading process to mitigate any associated risks and increase efficiencies. Endress+Hauser fully integrated all scales, pumps, grounding and bounding, and high level instrumentation with the necessary emergency stops, pump shutdown and alarm to safeguard against static discharge or overflow events.