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Benefit in terms of time, quality and safety.

Get ahead faster with Endress+Hauser!

Maximum availability of reliable measured values: Our sensors leave nothing to chance.

Time savings without sacrificing quality and safety are a key factor in ensuring maximum productivity. For this reason, Endress+Hauser have designed a range of measuring and detection instruments that have been specially designed for the food industry. This means that production managers can avail of exceedingly reliable sensors with features such as extremely fast response times, the ability to measure several physical variables and zero sensitivity to product changes.


  • Increased availability of your processes

  • Improved machine workloads thanks to reduced downtime

  • Optimal productivity

Qualities that save time

The Liquiphant MLiquiphant M is the only level limit switch which, in addition to its high precision and ability to measure in real time, is capable of measuring density. Performance with added value! The Liquiphant M can adapt to changing conditions and is not affected by fluctuations in temperature, viscosity or conductivity. With this device, there are no long waiting times in the lab and no undesirable alarms or machine downtime. Instead, reliability and process safety are guaranteed.

Unique added value

The Liquipoint FTW33 is the perfect complement to the Liquiphant M. It can be installed so that it is completely flush and is therefore easy to clean. An active buildup compensation feature ensures that the device is unrivaled in its ability to switch reliably even if material buildup should occur (yogurt, jam, molasses, honey, mustard, mayonnaise, dressing). Further advantages of the FTW33 are automatic adjustment in the case of changing media and the detection of fine-cell foam.

Optimized and fast processes

The temperature hygiene line TM411 enables optimal process control and shorter pasteurization cycles. The fastest response times (t90: 1.5s) enable cost- and time-savings, while improved control of pasteurization cycles reduces energy consumption.
The Quick Neck (extension neck with quick-release fastener) enables rapid re-calibration.
Thanks to Endress+Hauser's measuring instruments, you benefit from time savings and increased productivity every time production changes.

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