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The new Liquiphant is ready for Industry 4.0

Proven technology in a new look

Initially brought to market by Georg H. Endress as a pioneering product, the vibronic measuring principle has now become a firm constituent part in many plants. Whether implemented as overfill protection or as protection against dry running of pumps etc., the Liquiphant can take on a number of tasks in process automation.
Now the time came to equip this proven sensor – which has been tried and tested in millions of applications worldwide – for the tasks of tomorrow.


  • Maximum safety with Heartbeat Technology through permanent self-monitoring for corrosion or deposits, for example.

  • Safety by design: Developed in accordance with IEC 61508 for use in SIL2 and SIL3 applications with homogeneous redundancy

  • Minimal maintenance requirements: The recurrent test in accordance with SIL and WHG can be carried out with no need to remove the unit or interrupt processes

  • Verification can be carried out from the control room at the touch of a button or at the Liquiphant itself without interrupting any processes, thanks to the Heartbeat Technology

  • Bluetooth® access via a mobile end device for identification, determining the status and for access to device documentation

Pioneer of the vibronic principle

Georg H. Endress was certainly ahead of his time at the end of the 1970s, when he had the foresight to develop a fully metallic sensor. It quickly became clear that the capacitive and conductive probes used up to that point would not be able to lead to the desired goal. As a result of this, a new measuring principle was born: The vibronic principle for liquids.
To this day, the vibrating metal fork from Endress+Hauser has enjoyed a high level of popularity as a reliable and safe switch.

Functional safety in the design

With IEC61508, the international standard for functional safety, measuring device manufacturers can already develop their new devices according to this standard. Through adherence to IEC61508, all kinds of systematic hardware and software errors are reduced to a minimum. As a result, the users can obtain the devices with "SIL ex works". This makes it possible to operate plants reliably – and keep costs low.

Digital potential

With the latest Liquiphant generation, operators have the opportunity to communicate with the sensor via mobile means. Through this, all product and diagnostic data is available, which up to this point could only be determined with great difficulty. The condition of the respective device is shown by the new Liquiphant via LED – or via the diagnostic function of the Heartbeat Technology. In addition, the verification via Heartbeat Technology allows for continuous documented verification.


The Liquiphant is used in storage tanks, containers and piping for the limit level measurement of all kinds of liquids. The Liquiphant is ideal for superseding float switches or optical sensors, as this all-rounder also works in areas in which other measuring principles are pushed to their limits due to conductivity, deposits, turbulence, flows or air bubbles. With the Liquiphant, there is no need at all to calibrate to the medium or carry out time-consuming adjustment of the electronics.