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The world's first wireless 80GHz radar sensor

From smart inventory monitoring to supply chain management

The IIoT radar sensor is a smart level sensor, combining high-end technology in a cost-effective measuring device. It is the world’s first wireless and battery-operated 80GHz IIoT radar sensor. This secure and certified solution provides access to inventory information from anywhere at any time, even in the case of mobile applications or locations that are difficult to access. Its ease of use and extensive features save time and optimize logistics and storage processes.


  • Full transparency in storage and transportation of liquids

  • Simplified solution from procurement to operation

  • Secure data transmission combined with a flexible, digital service portfolio

  • Information access from anywhere at any time

Transparency at any time

The FWR30 delivers facts where previously only assumptions were possible. A reliable measurement, using 80GHz radar technology, provides access to information on asset and inventory status from anywhere at any time. The cloud-based solution also delivers information on container location, ambient temperature and measured value history, as well as battery and connectivity status. In addition, the certified Netilion Cloud Service adheres to the highest security and data protection requirements.

Simplicity from the get-go

The Micropilot FWR30 with Netilion Cloud services is designed to simplify the process - from procurement to operations. The wireless and battery-operated sensor can be easily mounted by the user on a plastic tank. Commissioning is performed at the touch of a button and without the need to calibrate the sensor first. By scanning the QR code in the Netilion web application, the system can be used immediately. The plug-and-play solution is designed to fit perfectly on stackable tanks.

Flexible and scalable

Different types of digital services enable a flexible and best-practice process support package, depending on the requirements of each application. The data is made available via Netilion Value, Netilion Inventory or SupplyCare Hosting and can be accessed via different terminals, such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

A complete overview with Netilion Value

Netilion Value is a digital service for data monitoring providing an overview of current values, historical data, alarms and notifications. The straightforward user interface is easy to use. Smart sensors can be integrated and connected in a few clicks. Netilion Inventory also enables clear and consice inventory management. The solution comes with additional functions, such as basic forecasts, and provides a clear overview of the status of tanks, silos and vessels. Find out more about Netilion

Optimizing the supply chain with SupplyCare Hosting

SupplyCare Hosting is another customized inventory management solution that helps to reduce inventory costs and increase productivity. In addition, individual IT solutions for inventory management help to optimize the supply chain and facilitate the integration of data in company processes and ERP systems.

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Typical applications

  • Level measurement and tracking of mobile plastic tanks such as IBCs

  • Level measurement and inventory management of mobile and stationary plastic tanks in production

  • Level monitoring of measuring points that are difficult to access, such as level monitoring in rivers and drinking water reservoirs

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