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Smart energy solutions

Continuous data recording enables targeted optimization

Omlin Energiesysteme AG provides innovative and individually tailored solutions to its customers. An intelligent monitoring system is part of any smart energy system comprising various heating components. The monitoring system records process values correctly and clearly presents them on a display.

Thermal solar system


  • Flexible and high-performance system to record measured data and calculated values continuously and reliably.

  • Conventional interfaces, supports a large number of common communication protocols.

  • Stored data can be read on a laptop or from a USB stick

  • Remote access to data

Martin Omlin

"The Memograph M Data Manager can be used to monitor energy systems permanently and optimize them continuously. This guarantees that systems operate transparently and on a sustainable basis.”

Mister Martin Omlin, Managing director
Omlin Energiesysteme AG

Customer requirements

Omlin Energiesysteme AG's innovative heating systems consist of various heating components. To achieve a high level of energy efficiency within the overall system, it is essential to match individual components perfectly. In order to monitor, analyze and optimize the individual processes as well as the overall process, Omlin Energiesysteme requires a measuring and diagnostic system to record and save measured data continuously and to enable the data to be analyzed and displayed locally.

The solution

Omlin chose the Memograph M RSG45 Data Manager as the central system component of the measuring and diagnostic system. The acquired process values are clearly presented on the Data Manager display and reliably recorded. At the same time, the CO2 reductions are calculated based on the recorded measured values.