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Overfill protection in accordance with Swiss law

Safe and reliable management of storage tanks

There are currently no international guidelines for water protection concerning storage tanks, which is why this is managed at national level. In Germany, the requirements for overfill protection systems, for example, are regulated by the German Federal Water Act (WHG). The Swiss equivalent of the WHG are the KVU enforcement guidelines (issued by the association of directors of environmental protection offices).


  • A one-stop shop for the recording and analysis of requirements in accordance with the WHG, including the creation of an automation and device concept/engineering, cost plan and schedule.

  • Professional calculation of response height and design of field devices as per WHG using a software-based calculation tool

  • Maximum safety and reliability due to high level of self-monitoring and detailed test coverage of all safety equipment

  • Cabinet with signaling equipment built and tested in accordance with standards and specifications

  • Onsite commissioning and training

Amendment of water protection regulation

As part of a deregulation that took place in 2006, the previously applicable regulation concerning the protection of water bodies against liquids hazardous to water (VWF) was abolished and the Water Protection Act (GSchG) and Water Protection Ordinance (GSchV) were amended accordingly. The Swiss Confederation handed over responsibility for the enforcement of the regulations to the cantons.


The KVU (association of directors of environmental protection offices) defined the KVU Enforcement Guidelines, which can be found at www.tankportal.ch. Here you will also find information on the water protection requirements for tank farms. Some sectors of industry have defined sets of regulations in accordance with their requirements, e.g. "Guidelines for tank farms in the chemical industry", TRCI or "Carbura Guidelines" for mineral oil tank farms. These can also be found under the Codes of Practice at the KVU.

Special overfill protection (for Switzerland)

A special overfill protection system (as specified in Swiss regulations) is a type of overfill protection designed to prevent overfilling when mounted on a storage tank. When a specified point level is reached, the overfill protection system sends signals to the associated control unit, which triggers an alarm and controls or closes valves in the fill pipes. This application requires certification in accordance with the Codes of Practice recognized by the KVU or in accordance with recognized European standards. This certification is performed by the SVTI (Swiss Association for Technical Inspections), a recognized and accredited inspection authority.

A one-stop shop for complete solutions

Our range of products and services for special overfill protection systems includes
- Site survey
- Integration concepts
- Calculation of switch points in accordance with national regulations and guidelines
- Control cabinet and electrical planning
- SVTI-certified measuring systems
- Commissioning
- Proof testing