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Valmet TS uses microwave technology to measure solids in wastewater treatment applications

Reliable solids concentration measurement in sewage sludge

Microwave technology enables effective sludge treatment and reduces material and operating costs.

The online measurement of the solids content enables you to optimize the processes in the sludge treatment channel. The Valmet TS sensor is installed in the pipe and detects the concentration of dry matter based on the microwave signal delay time. The measuring principle is unaffected by variations in color and particle structure within the sludge and has a large, linear measuring range. Thanks to the measurement accuracy and calibration process, the sensor can also be used in mixed sludges.


  • Low maintenance

  • Easy to use (single-point calibration)

  • Not affected by changes of color within the sludge

  • Not affected by changes of particle structure

  • Very large measuring range

Applications of the Valmet TS

The sensor is used for monitoring and control purposes throughout the sludge processing system, and is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its large measuring range. Processes such as thickening of digested sludge or dewatering of waste activated sludge can be optimized based on measured value. The value can also be used to control sludge removal during preliminary or secondary clarification. Fewer laboratory analyses are required due to the high-precision online measurement system.

Background to the technology

Valmet sensors have been used in demanding process engineering applications for around 20 years. The sensors have proven particularly accurate in chemical pulp and paper industry applications. Microwave sensors are not affected by changes to the process conditions, such as changes in the properties of the raw material, production flow, or contamination. Besides being highly accurate, microwave sensors are also practically maintenance-free.

Valmet and Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser is the official distributor for Valmet in Switzerland. We sell the Finnish company's device to customers in the Swiss wastewater sector and provide services relating to the Valmet TS.

Market launch of the 4th device generation in 2020

The new generation of devices includes, among other things, an improved operating concept with colour display and touch screen, more powerful electronics and a new sensor type "Twin Blade" for installation in large pipes.
Spare parts for the 3rd generation units are still available.

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    Reliable Management of Wastewater Solids - Valmet TS

    Reliable Management of Wastewater Solids - Valmet TS

    Operating instruction Valmet TS - 4th generation

    Operating instruction Valmet TS - 4th generation

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