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Heartbeat Technology for flow measurement

Heartbeat Technology for flow measurement

Taking the pulse of your measurement

The demand for faster and easier testing is high. Ideally, testing should be of high quality, have in-depth coverage and should not necessitate a system shutdown.Endress+Hauser's Heartbeat Technology for all new Proline flowmeters meets these requirements perfectly. In the case of processes, auxiliary circuits and protective systems, which require regular testing, Heartbeat Technology offers unique options for testing flowmeters without having to remove them. Maximum error detection capability and documented results mean that test intervals can be extended significantly.


  • Diagnosis: Process and device diagnostic messages as per NE 107 with clear instructions

  • Verification: Clear and reliable measuring point assessment ("pass/fail") and test documentation

  • Monitoring: Early detection of changes (trends), systematic errors and process influences

Plant availability

In the case of recalibration testing, it is necessary to interrupt the process, remove the DUT and calibrate it on an external calibration rig. All of this takes place at the expense of plant availability. Even the commonly used test method that involves approaching the trigger point - for example when proof-testing SIL protective systems - requires considerable intervention in the process. Thanks to the high diagnostic coverage (>95%) of Heartbeat Diagnosis, the intervals for costly methods of testing can be extended.

Increased process safety

The test functionality is integrated in the measuring device and is therefore available via all of the operating and system integration interfaces. Access to the measuring device in the field is not required. This saves time and means that the function can be easily performed at any time.With the new Proline 300/500, this can be done by means of a tablet PC or via WLAN, making it particularly user-friendly. The Heartbeat Verification test documentation can be used as proof of quality measures.

Predictive maintenance

With Heartbeat Monitoring, selected diagnostic parameters can be output for analysis and recording in the context of "predictive maintenance". For the first time, Heartbeat Monitoring now offers unique diagnostic parameters such as the HBSI (Heartbeat Sensor Integrity), which reliably determines the "health" of the measuring tube.It enables clear, unambiguous and early detection of systematic errors resulting from process influences such as abrasion, corrosion or buildup.

Traceability guaranteed

All tests using Heartbeat Technology are traced back to fixed factory settings, and internal references are calibrated with traceability during manufacturing processes. Redundant references in the devices ensure permanent monitoring. Drift and aging in the components of the reference electronics can be reliably detected. Thanks to Heartbeat Technology, the entire measuring device - sensors, electronics and outputs - are tested on a permanent basis. In addition, the requirements for traceable testing as per ISO 9001 are fulfilled, as confirmed by TÜV-Süd.

Proline flowmeter range

Heartbeat Technology is integrated in the devices in the new Proline flowmeter range and is available via all operating and system integration interfaces.

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