Heartbeat Technology overview

Taking the pulse of your measurement

Imagine if your measuring devices had their own pulse? They could show you how reliably they're running and indicate what to do to increase your process performance. Heartbeat Technology breathes life into instruments, providing you with a diagnosis, verifying performance and monitoring all process data for your predictive maintenance and process optimization strategies.

Overview of the capabilities of Heartbeat Technology ©Endress+Hauser

Our engineers listen carefully so that they can understand your mindset and way of thinking. Their job is to identify suitable products with Heartbeat Technology that match your individual needs, and thereby improve plant availability.

Heartbeat Technology - Measuring principles

Heartbeat Technology is available for the following measuring principles:


  • In-situ verification and documentation of each measuring point without any interruptions

  • Devices continuously diagnose themselves and extend test cycles

  • Distinct documented test results with a simple guided test procedure

  • The automatically generated test protocol supports documentation for laws and norms

  • Combined process and device parameters facilitate analysis for process optimization