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Memosens and Liquiline

A revolutionary success

They have revolutionized operation and maintenance in the field of liquid analysis. The launch of Memosens technology in 2004, followed a year later by Liquiline transmitters, marked the beginning of a success story that has now become a de facto industry standard. Memosens and Liquiline offer groundbreaking technology for countless applications across all sectors.


  • Memosens technology offers the following benefits:

  • Measured values that are always correct: Non-contact, digital transmission of measured values protects against undesirable influences such as moisture, corrosion and salt bridges.

  • User-friendly operation: Calibration in a lab under optimum conditions and automatic sensor detection in the transmitter thanks to true plug & play functionality.

  • Reduced operating costs: Sensor replacement using precalibrated sensors minimizes process downtime. The storage of calibration, sensor and process data enables more accurate process management and optimized maintenance strategies.

Memosens video

Find out more in our 3-minute video on Memosens technology.