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Netilion Health

Have it under control everywhere

The Netilion Health service by Endress+Hauser empowers you to be ready and effective in case of unexpected events in your plant. With Netilion Health you have essential know-how right at hand, no matter where you are. Start now, it’s free.


  • Preventive maintenance gets smart and easy: use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to track your assets and check their health status.

  • Get empowered to react quickly: when unexpected events occur, you can access precise information provided by the manufacturer with steps on how to resolve the fault.

  • Observe your assets to evaluate risks: check the asset history with the Netilion Health service for analysing developments and identify possible risks.

  • Profit from a concrete connected solution: connect your assets with the Netilion Health service via one or more edge devices and benefit from a multitude of new possibilities of asset maintenance.

  • Track assets from more than 20 manufacturers: As a multi-brand tool, Netilion Health provides health information on field devices of many different manufacturers.

How does the Netilion Health service work?

There's nothing as easy as the Netilion Health service. It translates the health information shown on your asset in clear instructions that will help you to solve the fault. You can access it with your smartphone, tablet or desktop pc, wherever you are and whenever you want. Your daily business of preventive maintenance is simplified a whole lot.

You can try the Netilion Health service for free. Sign up online for the free version and use basic functions.

How easy is it for me?

Make it simple: just enter the diagnosis code displayed on your instrument and receive instructions on how to resolve the fault.

With Netilion Health you no longer need to look up for things in the manufacturing documentation - the information is directly in your pocket. A valuable gain in an emergency situation. And Netilion Health can not only be used for Endress+Hauser devices, but also knows other field devices from over 20 manufacturers. Asset maintenance made simple.

How much does it cost?

You can use basic functions of the Netilion Health service for free. Just sign up online for a free account. For more advanced functionalities we have several plans.

Click here to get more information on Netilion Health (including a price overview)

Netilion Health screen on smartphone eases asset maintenance ©Endress+Hauser

The Netilion Health service enables you to use your smartphone to track your assets

Netilion Health gives you an overview on assets that require maintenance ©Endress+Hauser

Netilion Health gives you an overview on assets that require maintenance

You can easily search the assets by using the Netilion Health service.