Production Mechanic with a Swiss Federal Certificate

Information about the job profile


Production Mechanics are skilled in producing mechanical parts and assemblies using various technologies. They build devices, appliances or machines. Together with other specialists they work on orders and projects and perform installation and maintenance work.


The apprenticeship lasts 3 years. It consists of a 2-year basic training program and a parallel in-depth training including assignments in various departments. The apprentices attend the vocational school in Liestal. The first year of the apprenticeship is completed at the “Grundschule Metall” (metal vocational secondary school).

Our apprentices are also offered the possibility of an international training (EUREGIO).


We are looking for young people with an interest in mechanics, mathematics and physics. Of course, you also need craftsmanship skills and an accurate style of work. The training is designed generally for people with hands-on, task-oriented skills.

Suitable students: secondary school students, level A and E or the equivalent.

A suitability test (Multicheck technical for Production Mechanics) is required.

Opportunities for professional development

  • There are many professional opportunities for Production Mechanics. There are numerous possibilities for higher vocational examinations in this field, e.g.:

  • Additional training as a polytechnician

  • Higher vocational examinations, e.g. as a Business Management Specialist, Technician or Engineer


In August and September we publish the apprenticeship positions for the following year. Please submit the following documents:

  1. Application letter

  2. Curriculum vitae

  3. Certificates (min. the last 4)

  4. Result of aptitude test (preferably Multicheck)

  5. Additional documents (e.g. certificate of typing)

Further information:

Introduction of Production Mechanic apprenticeship (This movie is only available in german)